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A L L E X  R E D D 

Instagram - Allexreddink

Tattoo Shop Owner & Artist since 2015


”Allex Redd” is an American artist and entrepreneur from Columbia, South Carolina. With a background ranging from painting, photography and even graphic design, his experience and perspectives make him one of the biggest names in industry circles.He is a nationally known traveling tattoo artist receiving accolades and recognition in various magazines and media outlets. His artwork varies in styles from realism to abstract with a wide and extensive portfolio to teach and share from.

M A R C U S  T A T E 

Instagram - Remarcable_ink

Tattoo Shop Owner & Artist since 2012


”Marcus Tate” is an American artist and business mogul from Gaffney, South Carolina. Widely known for his talents in the visual arts realm he quickly became one of the most sought after artist for his skills in grayscale and realism he has been sought after by likes of NFL and NBA players across the country. From paintings to portraits his perspective and approach on art and tattooing make him a dynamic artist to learn from.